Elf and Gert

As a travelling wedding photographer, nowhere is too far to go, so the 6000 miles south of London to photograph the wedding of Elf & Gert in South Africa, was an easy yes! Their wedding day was to take place on the winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year (summer solstice for us above the equator). During this time, South Africa was actually suffering one of their worst droughts on record, and Cape Town itself was nearing day zero- when the water dams would run completely dry.

Luckily, the wedding location Goedgedacht Olive Farm was surrounded by the remarkable mountain range in Riebeek-Kasteel 50 miles north east of Cape Town, and had its own water source supply. That said, all wedding guests were encouraged to drink as much wine as possible, saving the precious water reserves.

The morning of the wedding arrived, and with it the heavens opened! A winter miracle for all South Africans! As a wedding photographer I have honestly never witnessed a bride so happy to see rain on her wedding day.

Documenting the bride & bridesmaids getting ready in the soon to be honeymoon suit, was an artistic joy! The quaint cottage had a large deck looking out over its very own private lake…or as the conditions revealed a dramatic cracked mud tundra. This only enhanced the wild feel of the day, making for some incredible shots of Elf walking in her striking green wedding dress across the ‘lake’ framed by the South African hills in the distance. Just spectacular!

The green and black gothic theme throughout the wedding day gave me the license to really get creative and capture this truly unique almost theatrical wedding. I used the mustard yellow wall of one of the reception buildings as a backdrop for the group shots- creating some really vivid and distinctive wedding photographs.

As ever, photographing a wedding in winter means the daylight hours are limited, so the majority of the reception took place inside a dimly lit but charming stone building, complete with olive leaf draped chandeliers and bronze tableware & candlesticks. I wanted to echo this almost ethereal beauty throughout the photographs, creating a dramatic & entrancing story for them to look back on and remember their day forever as it was…the day the rains came.