What does Landscape photography mean to me?


If you had asked me this in my early days, whilst I was growing as a photographer, I would have instantly thought of the deep reds of a sunset or the perfect blue of a barreling wave; and for many years that was enough for me. However, as I have travelled the world and have seen the spectacular scenery that is out there, things have changed. I have discovered how much more there is to the sun setting and how a wave breaking at the beach is only the beginning of what can be captured.


One of my first ever lessons in photography was that light is the most important aspect to all images. This is so true, but the natural and ever changing light within the landscape is Mother Nature’s greatest gift to us photographers.


Here in Woolacombe the light seems to have a mind of its own. As the sun rises up over the sand-dunes in the early hours of the day, light floods the three mile stretch of beach that we call home. The rolling of the clouds can change a foreboding muted scene into a high contrast dynamic black and white. Then we have the ever changing sunsets, each one is unique and different from the last. Just being there and watching it unfold in front of you is awe-inspiring.


I have heard a number of times from people stood there, camera in hand, saying ‘this photo doesn’t do my eyes justice’. Every time I hear this I am challenged. I am challenged to make the viewer of my image feel like they are there. To make them feel that my art takes them to the edge of that cliff looking over at Coombesgate or that they are there with me in the soft sand with the waves crashing in front of them. I want my viewers to be able to re-live the moments as if they were there themselves.


Every time I consider picking up my camera I’ll stop to examine what the light around me is doing. Where the shadows are falling; what colours are standing out and how can I make this image different to the last? My main question I will always ask myself is, will I be able to give nature the justice it deserves?


Landscape photography is my passion. I never expect to get rich from it, but if you were interested in purchasing any of my images then feel free to enquire.